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Tide Up Fitness




Tide Up Fitness, the only 5-star fitness in Bangsaen,
is fully equipped with  new  and   modern   workout
equipments, large swimming pool,

sauna, steam room, and a variety of workout classes   with
specialized trainers that will guide you throughout the class,
as follows.
- Yoga Exercise together with breath control that will help you
to practice your concentration and build up your body’s fitness
- Fitball Exercising with a ball focuses on a particular muscle
workout and helps to reduce the extra body fat in proportion
with the size of your body
- Aerobic Dance Exercise with music sound supplementing various
movements brings joy and is
also good for your health
-Step Dance Exercise on the block step, which strengthen your body
muscles and joints, and makingyour upper leg muscles firm
- Shape Up Exercise in a form of Floor Exercise, which ocuses on a particular muscle workout,
is appropriate for members of all ages and sex. This emphasizes on your stomach, hip, and upper
legs workout.
- Body Build Exercise using dumbbell with the music sound is on. This stresses on your back, shoulders,and upper arms workout.

Tide Up Fitness Membership
Special for new members, sign up for membership at Tide Up Fitness in a special price, followed by
many privileges and up to 50% discount on rooms, restaurant and Karaoke at The Tide Resort.

Membership Fee
- Sunset Member: 6,000 Baht for 3-month period
- Blue Sky Member: 10,000 Baht for 6-month period
- Sunshine Member: 18,000 Baht for 12-month period
- Super Sunshine Member: 26,000 Baht for 12-month period + Spa and Salon membership
(for one year)

Special for those who sign up for six month and one-year membership, get one free fitness bag!
Tide Up Coupon (1 coupon may be used only once)
- Workout room + Swimming pool Price: 300 baht
- Children under 15 years old Price: 150 baht per time (swimming pool only)*
* Children under 15 years old are not provided with workout room services.

Personal Training
Work closely with experienced personal trainer in your choice of exercising program, such as
weight-loss program, muscle-building program, orbody-firming program.

Personal Trainer Fee
- 2,500 Baht for 10 hours within 1 month
- 3,500 Baht for 15 hours within 3 months
- 4,500 Baht for 20 hours within 4 months


Tide Up Fitness opens everyday from 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.Swimming pool opens every day from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.