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Restaurants & Bars
  Full Service of Food and Beverages with local
and International  dishes and be   entertained
with our night-time live bands.  Open 05:30 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.


  The Tide Bakery & Cafe, the new food corner
for new generation welcomes you to not only
a variety of  cake and  freshly  baked   home
made bakery,ut also beverages   with   high  
quality  and good  taste  such  as   tea    and
coffee. Moreover, we have fast food  menus
in different   style, including European   and
American style in order to respond to different customer needs.

For the interior design, it is   decorated  in  a
luxurious English colonial style, with  simple
furniture that is mostly in  blue,  white,   and
beige color. The sofa and chairs are placed at
different corners and are fitted perfectly. With this simplicity, it is a perfect place  to   share
your happy time with family or chill out  with
friends. Meet The Tide Bakery &    Cafe,  now
open at Bangsaen Branch located in front of The Tide Resort, next to    Samutra   Spa   &
Salon. It is a good place to relax or chill out especially on the 2nd floor, where you   can  
fully enjoy the fresh air and sea view. * The Tide Bakery & Cafe, Bangsaen opens everyday from 6:30 am to 10 p.m.



Club Sea Coffee & Bar (Lobby Bar) located next to The Tide Resort’s lobby.
We are not only hosting party lovers, the new service is added to offer coffee

and bakery lovers. The interior design focuses on simplicity but still gives comfort.
The tone of coffee-brown color gives warming and classic feeling.

You may choose to sit where you like; it’s a good place to hang out with
your love, friends, or family. We invite you to come and relax here, serving
you delicious cake with tea, coffee and many choices of cocktails. 
Club Sea Coffee & Bar opens everyday from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

  Full Service Bar with snack Menu beside the pool.